Our job includes but not limited to the following :

- Source out Funds globally

- Qualify the Borrower for receipt of the Funds

- Negotiate favorable and advantageous Terms on the Loan Package  

- Provide best options getting the Loan

- Assist in documentation forwarded to us such as business plan and other important documents

- keep fluent and effective dialogue between vested parties  

- Provide non-biased professional advice to the customer and the Lender

- assist the Client/Borrower in all necessary matters

- assist the Client/Borrower until the investment documents are signed and the Loan is approved

- provide personal assistance to Borrower up to the closing of the last final tranche of the Investment Funds.

- handle all Documents provided to us by the Client/Borrower for the purpose of attaining the Loan with strict confidentiality.

- mediate through any eventuality to a successful completion.

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